Kenyan athlete’s aspiration could be at the edge, as Kenya could be banned from Rio Olympics 2016, if World Anti Doping Agency Code declares it non-complaint.

IAAF President Lord Coe said the country may be banned as it has fails to adhere to the doping rules.  On Thursday, the country failed to hit the deadline given by WADA to prove their efforts to eliminate doping among its athletes.

The move came after two Kenyan athletes were accused of paying bribes to the head of the Kenyan Athletics Federation to minimise the doping suspension.

Federation CEO Isaac Mwangi, imposed $24,000 fine on every athlete to clear the four-year ban penalised last year after testing positive on using banned substances, said athletes Joy Sakari and Fransisca Koki Manunga.

Lord Coe said: “We know that a disproportionate amount of reputational damage is caused by a relatively few countries and we have to be very much more proactive.”

“Yes, if it means pulling them out of World Championships or Olympic Games then we will have to do that. I know the World Anti-Doping Agency has looked very closely at the Kenyan National Anti-Doping Agency. We, of course, monitor that through the IAAF so that work is ongoing.”

TV360 Nigeria reported that around 5000 athletes from International Association of Athletics Federations have been related to fraudster activities.

Last year, Kenyan athletes swept many medals and proved their stamina for standing long in 2015 World Championships in Beijing. Unfortunately, doping charges had closed the gates for 40 athletes in the past three years, according to a  report by the IOL.

Successive investigation by World Anti Doping Agency disclosed the involvement of IAAF officials in concealing the doping cases.

Following the probe, the agency also reported that All Russia Athletics Federation (ARAF) was involved in covering up doping charges against athletes. It has also recommended to suspend the Russian federation from Rio Olympics, 2016