Rio Olympics 2016 preparations have been hampered, with Australia’s women’s water polo team members falling ill following a viral affliction.

Four members of the Australian Olympics women’s water polo team, whose identities have been withheld, have fallen sick. The four were immediately isolated from the rest of the members as soon as their illness became known. It is believed that the players were affected by a virus picked up from Rome before they reached Rio.

The Olympics authorities have moved the four virus-affected players to BV1 where the AOC and team officials normally stay. The illness of the team members has come as a setback to the 13-strong squad Aussie Stingers.

“We have decided to move them into … the alternate accommodation that we were in before we moved into the village and we’ll keep them in isolation,” Australian Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller told reporters on Monday. “(Australian chief medico) Dr. David Hughes will keep a close eye on them and they will stay in there for 48 hours until after they’re all cleared … there will be no interaction between them and anyone in the village for the next 48 hours.”

The women’s water polo team members’ illness has made Australia’s journey to Rio Olympics 2016’s opening ceremony on Aug. 5 difficult. ANN understands the Stingers were hopeful of a better performance this year following their bronze medal win in London Olympics 2012.

Since the Rio Olympics 2016 came into the limelight, the threat posed by the Zika virus has stressed the players. To make matters worse, the athlete’s village was beset by a fire at the basement of the Australian building on Friday. The repair of the area was just completed when another disturbance, the illness of the women’s water polo team members, was reported.

According to NT News, there is no news of replacement for the four players as of now. The first match of the Stingers is scheduled on Tuesday against Russia.