The Olympic games feature some of the best physiques on display for all the world to see. The onslaught of images from the best specimens of the human body has led to both positive and negative reactions. In the Rio Olympics 2016, some athletes have been subjected to body shaming whileseveral others have been objectified all over the Internet.

  1. Alexa Moreno, Mexico (gymnastics)

In a sport often filled with lithe, skinny competitors, full-figured Alexa Moreno stood out in gymnastics. Unfortunately, shortly after she was featured in the uneven bars, floor exercise, beam and vault, the words “Alexa Moreno gorda (fat)” started to trend in social media. Buzzfeed Mexico shared some of the harsh tweets. However, many stood to her defense.

  1.  Bikini vs Burkini

Photos of female beach volleyball athletes have been making rounds on the Internet. The Independent shared the now infamous “bikini vs burkini” photo, which shows two athletes on either side of a volleyball net. One is wearing a skimpy bikini, while the other is all wrapped up in a traditional Islamic burka. The bikini-clad athlete is Kira Walkenhorst of Germany while the one in a burka is Doaa Elghobashy of Egypt. While some embraced the contrast as a beautiful mix of cultures in the Olympics, some see the comparison as yet another form of separation.

  1. Ning Zetao, People’s Republic of China (swimming)

It’s not only the female athletes in Rio Olympics 2016 who have been subjected to objectification. Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao has set the Internet ablaze with his almond eyes, warm smile and red hot physique. Spectators from all over the world have shifted their gaze from Michael Phelps’ stunning performances and massive gold medal haul to take a moment to admire the Chinese swimmer.