Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal is back at the Olympics in Rio 2016. He won his first match in an easy straight sets victory. However, he is apparently unhappy about the condition at the competition venue.

According to, the former world number one had some complaints about the signages surrounding the tennis arena. Apparently, large screens at the Olympics Tennis Centre are positioned in such a way that disrupts a player’s vision. “There is a sign, where they show the results, that’s too centred. When someone hits the ball from that part of the court, you completely lose sight of the ball,” he said.

Despite the massive distraction, Nadal comfortably defeated Federico Delbonis of Argentina in their first-round clash. The straight sets victory came with a convincing 6-2,6-1 score line.

“I couldn’t hit an open serve because I couldn’t see the ball coming. I lost sight of it. You can’t play like that,” said Nadal, who also happened to be the flag bearer for Spain. He previously won a gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Unfortunately, he missed the 2012 London Olympics due to injury.

The official Rio 2016 website reports that the Spaniard still isn’t in top form to join the games, but he decided to play anyway. He had been sidelined for nearly three months after pulling out of the French Open earlier this year. He completely missed Wimbledon to give his body time to heal. Despite the extended break, Nadal still has tape wrapped around his recovering left wrist. Even while playing under his full potential, Nadal did not want to miss the Olympic games. “There’s only one chance every four years to experience an Olympic Games. It’s something unforgettable. I missed the last one in London, so I didn’t want to miss this one,” he said.

It is unclear if anything will be done about the erring screen around the competition arena. With a top star like Nadal being vocal about his complaint, it remains to be seen if any action will be taken.