Despite having an influential social message, a skit has been cut from the Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony on “racist grounds.”

The skit featured Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen who was supposed to be robbed by a black boy. The scene of the skit was revealed while a dress rehearsal was being done on Sunday. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro’s communications department head Fernando Alvares Salis said that the skit was a racist stereotype and was completely “unacceptable.”

Rio Olympics opening ceremony’s creative director and filmmaker Fernando Meirelles said that the representation of the scene by the press was a misunderstanding. He told the Washington Post that the scene was like a food vendor wanting to click a selfie with the supermodel but the security guards won’t allow it. Bundchen, in the scene, defended the vendor. He added that the scene was earlier visualized as funny but it did not turn out that way. Hence, it was cut.

“It was a gag that was not funny so we cut it,” he said. “There was nothing that looked like a robbery in the scene except two security guards chasing after a vendor. They are three professional clowns. Imagine us doing a scene like that in the opening. I’m not that clueless,” he added as quoted by SB Nation.

Rio Olympics 2016 has been in the news since the very beginning, as it has been criticized for its infrastructure and public health issues. Now another incident has been reported.

The Huffington Post stated that the ceremonial events were supposed to be kept hidden until the main event on Aug 5. However, the revelation has unveiled some major parts of the event. Rio Olympics 2016 celebrates the history of Brazil. It will inculcate good feelings among people around the globe about the nation, thereby stimulating national pride.