Rio Olympics 2016 is here and the event has become all the more intriguing with a handsome newcomer in the sports arena called Ning Zetao. The 23-year-old Chinese swimmer has taken the Internet by storm. However, it has nothing to do with his sportsmanship. Social media is overflowing with comments of his fans who are going gaga over Zetao’s extreme attractiveness. A few of the craziest tweets are below.

Ning Zetao is a Chinese competitive swimmer who specializes in the sprint freestyle events. During Rio Olympics 2016, he promptly garnered a swathe of fans because of his incredible physique. The sportsman managed to capture quite a lot of eyeballs since the Chinese swimming team arrived in Rio and began training ahead of the games.

Photos of training show the young athlete strolling around the pool in nothing but his swimming trunks, his six pack on full display.

Zetao rose to international fame in 2015 during the World Aquatics Championships in Kazan, Russia, where he won the gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle. Recently, he has also been featured on the cover of Elle Men.

Zutao’s striking good looks has been irresistible on social media, with thousands taking to Twitter to admire the swimmer.

Described as ‘handsome’ or ‘hot angel’ and praised for his killer looks, the most common compliments are about his spectacularly chiseled body.

One Twitter user tweeted: Friend: did you watch Olympic?

Me: yes I did

*and all I can think of Olympic is #NingZetao

Another wrote: I think I’m drowning… I need help … #NingZetao

One more user has described the young swimmer as her ‘new crush’.

Another Twitter user seemed to have crossed all her limits while describing her fascination for Ning Zetao.

She wrote: If I found out that #ningzetao was my long long brother, incest would suddenly seem not so taboo.

After being banned for doping in 2011, Ning Zetao has made an impressive comeback in Rio Olympics 2016.

This is his first Olympic games, and he will take to the pool early next week, reports Mail Online.

Ning Zutao’s expertise are the 50-metre freestyle and 100-meter freestyle – which he currently holds the Asia records for.

For more updates on Rio Olympics 2016, stay tuned.