As the end of the Rio Olympics 2016 approaches, here’s everything you need to know in preparation for the closing ceremony.

Like all good things, the Rio Olympics 2016 must also end. The popular sporting event opened last August 5 to the delight of audiences worldwide. Some cheered while others jeered. Yet through it all, this year’s spectacle lived up to the spirit of the games. Regardless of whatever controversy took place throughout its duration.

Hence, a ceremony fit to celebrate its conclusion is set for August 21. Anticipation is high following the modest, yet lauded opening ceremonies. Thus, audiences can expect a spectacular show as well.

Get Ready for the Rio Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony

The three-hour closing ceremony starts at 7 p.m. EST (Midnight BST). It will also take place at the Maracana Stadium. Live stream would be available via the link. Music would be fundamental to the celebration in light of the Brazilian culture.

Audiences can look forward to the appearance of Kygo onstage. Vocalist Julia Michaels joins him for a performance of Carry Me. The Norwegian electronic tropical musician spent his younger years in Brazil with his family. He considers the opportunity to be part of the closing ceremony as one of the highlights of his career. He is also a sports fan. Hence, it is likely a double victory for the musician.

“The opportunity to be part of the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio is a huge milestone in my career and will be the biggest performance of my life. I’ve been a sports fan forever,” Kygo said. Pele hopes to take part in the festivities as well.

Poor health prevented the Brazilian soccer icon from joining the opening ceremonies, according to the Chicago Tribune. However, he remains hopeful about his attendance at the closing festivities. The closing ceremony also marks the turnover of the Olympic flag to Tokyo who will host the 2020 event.