Another controversy surrounded Rio Olympics 2016 on Sunday with the arrest of Namibian boxer Jonas Junias Jonas on sexual assault charges.

The 22-year-old was selected to carry the Namibian flag to the Olympics premises during the opening ceremony. He has been detained by police based on serious allegations. According to reports, a series of accusations of sexual abuse has prompted the arrest of the sportsman.

Jonas reportedly misbehaved with a female room cleaner at the athletes’ village in Rio de Janeiro and sexually assaulted her. A police spokeswoman confirmed the news to AFP reporters. AL Jazeera reporter Gabriel Elizondo posted a tweet where he confirmed the statement given by the police. The tweet stated that the officers confirmed the sportsman tried to “force himself” on the housekeeper.

According to the tweet, Jonas is likely to be transferred to Rio’s Bangu prison later on Monday.

The arrest of the athlete is second in a row, with the first being Morocco’s Olympic boxer Hassan Saada. Junius’ arrest came just two days after the first incident. The former was arrested on Friday over similar allegations involving sexual abuse of two housekeepers in the athletes’ village.

A local Brazilian news website, G1, reported that Jonas groped the room cleaner in front of his coach while she was working and then kissed her. “She was cleaning another room. He grabbed her from behind and gave her a kiss on the neck,” police spokeswoman Carolina Salomao told the media outlet.

The spokesperson added that Jonas tried other sexually influencing gestures and also offered the woman some money. The attitude of the boxer showed his disrespect for Brazilian women, the officer said. Salomao confirmed that though the player’s coach watched everything, he wouldn’t face any charges. However, it was important for him to be reprimanded at least.

According to, International Olympics Committee spokesman Mark Adams claimed that the level of security at the Rio Olympics 2016 village is adequate and the players remained in custody. “Security is pretty tight at the village. I’m not going to talk about individual cases but security has been tight all the way through,” he told reporters in Rio.