Rio 2016 Team Australia is officially checked in at Building 23. The symbolic handing of the key ceremony happened on Wednesday.

Both Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes and AOC Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller have patched things up at the ceremony. The two had a slight bitter exchange of words over the state of Building 23. The controversial apartment complex  was the designated accommodation to house over 400 Australian athletes competing in the Rio Olympics.

AOC found the building unable to meet the demands of their delegation after they conducted a stress test approved by the International Olympic Committee.

The AOC cried foul at the plumbing, electrical, lighting and even the gas pipeline states, which made the accommodations dismal. Due to the stress test results, the team decided to find alternative accommodation for the first batch of incoming delegates.

Meanwhile, upon hearing the unfavorable remarks from the AOC chef de mission, a frustrated mayor Paes told the media he felt the Australian delegates were hard to please. He further added he felt he would have to put kangaroos in the building just to make the Aussies feel at home.

In a press conference, Kitty Chiller said she would be happy to have plumbers work on the buildings instead of a kangaroo gift. After Australia’s complaints, workers began fixing the apartments’ pipelines and electrical lines.

Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller further defended her reaction, saying she was just looking out for the welfare of the athletes. She has since then retracted her statement that the athletes would not be using their building.

On Wednesday, Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller gave Mayor Eduardo Paes a boxing kangaroo as a diplomatic gift. It also signified a peaceful end to their altercation regarding the Olympic village issue.

Mayor Eduardo Paes then humbly acknowledged that Australia’s Building 23 was indeed the worst building. He also claimed it was the mistake of the organization. However, he pointed out the organization has already taken steps to correct it, News AU reports.

The Rio 2016 Team Australia officially stepped foot in the controversial Building 23 last Sunday.

Team Australia has continuously started to arrive in time for the event. Some even started giving their approvals for the sports venues, such as track cyclist Patrick Constable, who gave the Rio 2016 velodrome his sign of approval.