Rio 2016 is yet to open yet Team Australia has already suffered blows in the controversial Olympic village. A series of unfortunate events have befallen Team Australia. The team suffered an onslaught of theft and malfunctioning safety fire alarms. Team Australia might have lost one of their athletes had the fire drill been real.

Last Friday, Team Australia evacuated their building for the fire safety drill. However, Team Australia further feared for their safety.

As chef de mission Kitty Chiller arrived in the middle of the evacuation, she noticed what looked like fire marshals carrying Australian-issued long sleeve uniforms. Athletes received the uniforms as part of their safety kit against the Zika virus.

Kitty Chiller admitted she opted to not raise the concern with the people in question as she supposed the shirts were gifts. Aside from the questionable shirts, a coach found out his laptop went missing after the drill and fired a burglary report.

Furthermore, despite the evacuation, fire alarms did not activate. Team Australia and its officials also did not know the building’s fire alarm was turned off.

Due to the non-functioning fire alarm, shooting athlete Warren Potent slept through the entire drill.

The incident further undermines Team Australia’s trust with the organizing committee. Team Australia already requested for tighter security measures from the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee. This was after Australian Paralympic athlete Liesl Tesch and her coach were robbed at gun point, The Guardian reports.

Despite these requests, it clearly shows nothing much has changed. With barely two days before Olympic starts, this definitely upsets the competing mindset of Team Australia.

Late last month, Team Australia chef de mission Kitty Chiller refused to move the first batch of the Olympic contingent after seeing the results of their building’s stress tests results. She first raised the issue of substandard accommodations waiting for athletes at the Olympic village. Though the Olympic village issue affected other countries, it was Australia who first spoke about the dismal accommodation state. Things have been patched up between the Australian Olympic Committee and the organizing committee. However, these recent events continue to undermine Team Australia’s stay at the Olympic village.

Meanwhile, the Rio 2016 committee and Australian Olympic Committee are conducting an investigation regarding the faulty safety systems and burglary.