The Australian Olympians will be wearing minty green uniforms at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Sportscraft designed them yet again this year and unveiled them at the Bondi Icebergs in Sydney.

The official outfit of the Australian Olympic team is a striped mint green blazer with a dark trim. The coats will be worn with either skirts or shorts and TOMS shoes. Female athletes can pair those with a white skirt while the males can opt for white shorts, reveals The only accessory that they can add is the golden scarf for female Olympians and a gold and green-striped tie for men. An innovative touch includes the names of champions running along the lining of the blazers. This is the seventh time Sportscraft has designed the Olympic team uniforms, states

There is no way of knowing if the athletes loved their new uniforms as they all stuck to a well-rehearsed script during the unveiling. Some, however, dubbed them as being “retro candy stripe.”


Sydney Morning Herald explains that the jackets also sport the Australian coat of arms and burnished gold Australian Olympic coat of arms buttons.

Adrian Jones, chief of Sportscraft’s parent company APG & Co, revealed that the climate in Rio and former Olympians Dawn Fraser and Clara Dennis have inspired the minty-fresh look. “Lightweight fabrications were important – we couldn’t have woollen pants like we did for London,” he said. “The Australian Olympic Committee really liked that these looks have a real sense of occasion. We are going to have a very well-dressed team come August. People intimately involved with the Rio 2016 Olympics have said to me that this is the best Australian uniform yet,” he added.

People were quick to react on the new uniforms and some criticised them for the moiré effect, notes Sydney Morning Herald. The moiré effect, according to Wikipedia, is the visual perception occurring after viewing a set of lines or dots. Some said the uniforms were more suited for students of the Slytherin house while others took to Twitter to post their thoughts.