Rio 2016 is less than a week away. Before the Summer Olympics finally kicks off in Rio de Janeiro this August 5, meet Team USA and see who’s who in the Olympic contingent.

Bringing their 555-team to Rio 2016 with more females than males in the contingent. From having a relatively young Olympic group to having more rookies, Team USA is full of young and vibrant athletes.

This Olympics will also see Team USA bring the most number of females for the second time of its Olympic history. There will also be 191 returning Olympians.

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Team USA first broke its record of having more females for it during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The team had 289 women in their team. This time, not only did Team USA bring more females but it topped its Beijing record with 292 women in their team.

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Aside from having more women, the team will have a slew of 191 returning Olympians. Out of this returning lot, 53 are the reigning champions in their sports category.

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Three Olympians will compete for the 6th time. Kim Rhode, Emil Miley and the oldest athlete in the team, Phillip Dutton.

Phillip first competed for the Olympics in 1996 for Australia. He first competed under Team USA in 2008. He is also a two-time gold medalist for the Olympics. Despite being the oldest male competitor at age 52, he is still clearly in the running for a third Olympic gold.

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Beezie Madden, a fellow equestrian leads the pack at 53 years old. Meanwhile, budding teenagers Khanak Jha from the table tennis team and Sydney McLaughlin from the track and field are team’s youngest Olympians at 16 years old.

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Aside from the age range spanning from 52 to 16, Team USA also proves being an Olympian runs in the blood. This Rio 2016 edition will see 7 sets of siblings with one twin. 54 athletes have former Olympian parents while there will be one Olympic couple.

With 555 athletes with more rookies than veterans, will Team USA see a surge of gold from their young athletes? Don’t miss Team USA as Rio Olympics kicks off this August 5!