Upon the approval of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Australian Olympic Committee conducted a Rio 2016 accommodation stress test in the Rio Olympic athletes village.

The committee inspected every feature of the complex. They tested water taps, toilets, electric wiring and the lighting in the corridors. They also simulated a scenario where a couple of apartments on different floors were all actively using the facilities. Through the stress test, the team found out that it was not capable of providing decent living conditions. With 401 athletes making up the Australian Olympic contingent, the apartments will not be ready on time. With the games less than a month away, the glaring faults in the construction of the apartments are too complex to be easily repaired.

After flushing several toilets simultaneously to imitate the scenario of several people using the bathroom facilities, water trailed walls. The team also found traces of leaking gas and improper installation of electrical and lighting systems. The team found leaking pipes to exposed wiring and missing lights from walkways and stairwells.

Aside from AOC, Great Britain and New Zealand also conducted their own stress tests. The two other countries achieved the same results.

With these initial findings, the committee determined that the Rio 2016 accommodation seems uninhabitable for its 401 Olympians. The working committee found themselves looking for suitable accommodation in time for the first batch of Australian athletes‘ arrival for the summer Olympics.

Meanwhile, Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes implied that the AOC was hard to please. He further said to a local newspaper that he felt like he needed to put kangaroos in front of the designated apartment complex for Australians to make them feel welcome.

The mayor’s statement, however, did not amuse AOC spokesman Mike Tancred. He replied that what AOC needed were repairmen to address the glaring faults.

Chicago Tribune reported an unnamed official clarified the apartment complex is nearly finished. The official further indicated the apartments are only missing some finishing touches.

However, it seems the AOC has already decided to declare that no Australian athlete will step foot in the substandard Rio 2016 Olympic Athletes’ Village apartments.