Kitty Chiller has backtracked her rather harsh criticism of the Rio 2016 Olympic village. The chef de mission voiced her dissatisfaction at the extremely uninhabitable condition of the apartments after they conducted stress tests.

Last July 24, Kitty released a statement saying Rio Village was not safe and ready. It was supposed to receive the first batch of Australian athletes bound to arrive ahead of the Rio Olympics. During the stress tests, simultaneous use of bathroom facilities in several apartments proved too much for the apartments. The AOC found water trailing down walls and gas leaks all over the apartment complex.

In return, Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes voiced his frustration regarding the bad review. He said he felt Australians were too hard to please and welcome. He even thought of putting a kangaroo to give the Australians a homey feeling.

However, Kitty Chiller has now backtracked her harsh criticism. On a radio show interview, she said that she received the mayor’s offer of putting a kangaroo. The radio host called the gesture facetious. Kitty Chiller then said she can do away with the kangaroo so long as the committee sends in the plumber to fix the water works.

Aside from the plumbing problems, electrical and lighting problems also surfaced. Key areas such as corridors and staircases were missing lights. Though the AOC deemed the complex unfit for the Australian Olympic contingent, the team will still go on with the key handing ceremony for Building 23 on Wednesday.

After the AOC outcry, Kitty informed that a total of 300 workers went to fix the faulty features. She also said that athletes will now be able to move in Building 23 in the Rio Olympic Village.

While some viewed AOC’s feedback as overreaction, Kitty retorted that the team was only making sure the environment was conducive for the athletes. She further added that it just happened that Australia was the first country to cry foul regarding the substandard facilities of the Olympic village.

Other countries also concurred with Australia’s complaints. As for chef de mission Kitty Chiller, she just wants the athletes to have a safe and clean environment to rest in and prepare while Rio 2016 is underway.