Rio 2016 will see Australia seek to reclaim their swimming berth at the summer Olympics this August. After a lone gold medal at the last summer Olympics in London, Australia is well-poised to do better this year.

Cate and Bronte Campbell will lead the Australian swim team in bagging golds at the international event.

The Campbell sisters took the 2015 FINA World Championships in Kazan, Russia as a starter test for the Rio Olympics. And if the results are anything to go by, it seems Cate and Bronte are well prepared for Rio 2016.

22-year old Bronte Campbell defeated her sister in the 100m freestyle event to take home the gold for Australia. She also outpaced other competitors in the 50m freestyle for a record win. From one champion to another, the siblings are at the helm of Australian Olympic team in recapturing their gold streak at the swimming events.

Four-time Olympic gold medalist Emily Seebohm will also figure at Rio 2016 for the 100m backstroke event. She will also be competing in the 4 x 100m Medley Relay.

Meanwhile, Emma McKeon of the Commonwealth Games fame is switching to the Olympics. She will be making her debut at Rio 2016, putting her beginner’s luck to the test in 5 swimming events.

Team USA is having world-record holder Michael Phelps competing in the Olympics for one last time yet again, US News reports. Australia looks well poised to take gold medals of its own with its exceptional men’s swimming team.

The first Australian man, Mitch Larkin to win at the backstroke event in Kazan, Russia is on the Australian Men’s national swimming team. He determined to get the gold for the same event in Rio Olympics.

Cameron McEvoy will compete in 5 swimming events. He is looking towards his first Olympic Gold. Meanwhile, Mack Horton will finally be able to compete at the Olympics after missing his chance to represent Australia in the last London Summer Olympics.

Horton was notable for his bronze performance at last year’s World Championships in Kazan, Russia despite being sick while competing.

With a strong team coming off World Championships, the Australian Olympic team for Swimming is definitely on the right path to victory.