Australian athlete Sally Pearson will soon return to the race tracks to continue preparing for the Rio 2016 Olympics after suffering severe wrist and Achilles injuries.

According to latest reports, Pearson will return to the race by May and compete in the Olympics with the same passion and a hope to grab yet another Olympics medal for a third time in a row. The brilliant 100-metre hurdles champion has remained out of competition since June 2015 because of the serious wrist and Achilles injuries. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, her visit to German specialist Dr. Hans – Willhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt has done wonders in inspiring her to get well soon for competition once again.

Pearson flew to Germany to get treated for her injuries. He met the specialist who also practiced with Paula Radcliff, Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kewell, and Ussain Bolt. “I’m fixed, that’s exactly what he said,” Pearson said. “The fourth day I was there he said, ‘You’re fixed … you are good to go.'”

Pearson did not expect to compete until a month prior to Olympics, but now she has decided to find an expert to treat her well and get her prepared for further competitions. The athlete has been named the captain of the Australian team for Rio 2016 on Sunday night and hence ensured her being in the competition this year to grab gold medals in the Olympics. “We haven’t got anything set in stone,” she said as quoted by SBS Australia.

“One of the reasons for that is because there hasn’t been anything confirmed just yet, but it will be likely towards the end of May.  I’m hoping it will be a local meet, but it is the wrong time of the season for Australian athletics so it’s hard to put on meets at the drop of a hat with some clubs. It’s just a matter of trying to find the location, putting on a competition and seeing if athletes will come.”

However, Person added that the training was going well but it would only be after four to six weeks when it could be decided whether she would be well enough to compete in Olympics.