With Rio 2016 only a week away, Google Trends has seen a rise in these top five global questions. To assuage your curiosity, here are the answers to those top five global questions regarding the Rio Summer Olympics 2016.

Where is the Rio Olympic village?

The Rio Olympic village is located in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, west of Rio. It is within the Recreio do Bandeirantes region. It is also nearest to the Barra Olympic Park, which is the main Olympic venue. Most of the sports venues are less than an hour away from the Rio Olympic village.

Is Rio ready?

Yes, Rio de Janeiro is ready for the Olympic games. All sports venues are ready for the competition and some have been inspected by the competitors. The last three buildings in the Olympic village will be turned over by Thursday afternoon.

What happens to the Olympic village after the games?

The Olympic village is already being sold to the Brazilian public for up to 1.5 million reais (AU $607,447) per unit. The local property developer is Carvalho Hosken and the Brazilian construction firm is Odebrecht. The Olympic village, also known as Ilha Pura for locals, has 240 of the 3,604 apartments.

Which country is refusing to move its athletes into the Olympic village?

Australia was the first country to refuse to use the accommodation provided after the apartment’s features failed the stress tests conducted. However, Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller has already accepted the key to Australia’s Building 23 last Wednesday. The first batch of Australian athletes has also moved in while some have already inspected the sports venues.

Can family stay at the Olympic village?

No, family members of the athletes cannot stay within the Olympic village. They can, however, enter the premises after they have passed the required security checks. Since the Munich massacre during the 1972, security has been considerably tightened for the whole Olympic event in an effort to curb security threats.

Rio 2016 is just a week away. With 2,400 guests from over 120 countries already at the venue, Rio 2016 is looking to hosting around 17,000 guests during the peak of the summer Olympic games. The Rio 2016 Summer Olympic games will happen from August 5 to 21. There will be over 40 sports and 306 events with 136 medals for women, 161 for men and 9 mixed medals waiting for the athletes.