The scary girl crawling from a well will haunt us once again in the upcoming the Rings movie. However, many were not convinced with some aspects of the film this time around.

The Rings plot is almost the same as the original movie – Samara will kill anyone who watches the cursed video after seven days. However, the upcoming Rings movie has added some twists to the story.

In the previous versions of the horror flick, the deadly curse of Samara was passed on through a VHS tape. This time, it will be sent via an email attachment. The lead character will eventually discover that there is a “movie within the movie.”

The new storyline focuses on Julia (Matilda Lutz) who has a boyfriend interested in the urban legend of the cursed video. Julia will sacrifice herself and watch the video in order to save his boyfriend from Samara’s curse. Ring franchise fans are wondering why she needs to save an idiotic boyfriend?

Watch the Rings movie trailer below.

The Rings movie main character is basically unknown. Lutz is an Italian actress and her biggest movie yet is the Rings. However, the film is not entirely without familiar actors. Vincent D’Onofrio (Jurassic World) will appear in the movie although his role has yet to be revealed.  Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory) will also star in Rings as Gabriel.

The movie is directed by F. Javier Gutierrez.

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During the Las Vegas CinemaCon in April, Paramount vice president Rob Moore had teased that there will be a sequel every Halloween should Rings prove to be successful.

The Rings movie will crawl out of cinemas on Oct. 28, 2016 just in time for the Halloween. The horror film will hit theaters in Australia almost a month later. Rings will debut Down Under on November 24, 2016. UK residents will be able to watch it on October 31.

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