So, last week before “Anti” dropped, a tweet from Rihanna reads “listening to ANTI.” This of course set music lovers in a frenzy since the wait had clearly been quite a long one. Also, at this point in time, fans were still anticipating the album’s release.

However, it wasn’t just her comment that garnered all the attention. The image she tweeted along with her comment showed Rihanna sporting gold, encrusted earphones. Naturally, all that glittered didn’t fail to grab eyeballs. As noted by Digital Trends, the image received 160,000 retweets and more than  270,000 likes.

It didn’t take much time for fans to track down details about the golden headphones made by Dolce & Gabanna in collaboration with Frends. Rihanna’s tweet gathered so much interest about the headphones, especially the ones she was wearing that it sold out within twenty four hours of her posting the picture. With all those beautiful Swarovski crystals and pearls on the headphones, it costs a whopping $9000. But if its any consolation, the pair is shipped free worldwide.

Rihanna’s tweet doesn’t look like a promotion for the brand, since it doesn’t feature the logo and the songtress hasn’t given a shoutout to the makers, either. The interest could also have been the result of all the anticipation surrounding the release of “Anti” and of course, there is no denying that Rihanna makes the accessory look so good!

Frends and the Dolce & Gabanna line consists of more options including other embellished headphones with fur. The official Frends website has now listed the “Embellished Leather Headphones with Gold Crown” as “out of stock.” But the site encourages potential buyers to connect with the support team.

As per report, the headphones sported by Rihanna only had a single review which read, “Too heavy on the head and sound is not that great.” “I’ll stick to my Beats by Dre.”