Has Rihanna found new love? Reports mentioned that the pop star was seen kissing actor Leonardo DiCaprio. However, a source denied such claim and narrated the real story.

A source told US Weekly that the two actors are just “good friends.” After being spotted at a club, the two even went home separately.

The source said,

“Leo was at the club for a private party and Rihanna came with Cara Delevingne separately. ihanna went over to Leo to say ‘hi,’ congratulate him and give him a kiss on the cheek. They chatted for a few minutes.”

As reported on The Sun, witnesses claimed to have seen the actors “snogging” at a party. Witnesses described that the two were “kissing passionately” in Parisian nightclub Arc.

A witness told the site,

“Rihanna and Leo were really going for it. They were passionately snogging and didn’t seem to care if anyone saw. They were using tongues so there was no mistaking it for a friendly smooch.”

Meanwhile, according to Mail Online, the actor will take legal actions as he has a right under the French privacy law. A media law expert explained that “permission has to be sought from the person being pictured before the image is published – or face a fine.”

It was not the first time that both actors were linked together. Last December 2014, reports mentioned that the two kissed at a birthday party. In the following month, US Weekly noted that they were spotted at the Playboy mansion.

“Just saw Leo and Rihanna make out while ‘pour it up’ was playing. [No kissing was involve]…just a little innocent flirting at most,” an attendee told the site.

Before the news came, the last time that they were seen together was in February 2015. The award-winning actor was reported to help the “Diamond” songstress in celebrating her 27th birthday. Likewise, the two also spent Valentine’s Day weekend together.

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