Caught in the cam! Singing sensation Rihanna and dashing actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s cozy moments at  Neon Carnival, the annual after-party of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California could not able to escape the paparazzi lenses.

The pair has been spotted standing in between the electric performances at the same gathering Saturday evening covering their faces with sunglasses. It looks like they were trying hard to stay low-profile. As a matter of fact, it is always easy to spot the stars even from a distance because of their fame-filled-aura. Rihanna and DiCaprio seemed much closer as everyone thought. On that note, Page Six wrote that the two “had nothing but sunglasses between them,” which makes things more confusing. Does it mean they were kissing, but their sunglasses were clinking against each other?   Plus, they are trying to stay secretive about their developing relationship. Or everything is just a coincidence?

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An exclusive source shared with E! Online: “They chatted closely. He was talking a lot.” DiCaprio was seen whispering into RiRi’s ear. The source added, “She had a smile on her face. It was hard to see her full reaction since she had those sparkly big sunglasses on.” Is it kind of a confirmation that this two are dating?  Only whispering in each other’s ears, can be due to the loud music, though usually it’s not in fact whispering, it’s yelling in someone’s ear.

A relevant source reveals that the “Loud” singer was at the table next to the “Titanic” actor where she was hanging out with two girlfriends and a bodyguard. At some point in the evening, Leo, 41 approached Riri, 28 to say hello.

In January this year, the Oscar winner and pop queen spotted packing on the PDA and busy in lip locking at a nightclub Paris . However, they condemned the news saying that they are nothing more than “just friends.”

Now we really wonder, what really is going on in between these two celebrities?