After several years of ups and downs, he is finally ready to release his book ‘My Side’ to the public. Controversial AFL player agent Ricky Nixon finally won his bid to tell the public what happened in the hotel room of the St Kilda schoolgirl (whose name is not revealed due to legal reasons) on February 19, 2011.

It was a tough fight since the girl had won a temporary injunction to postpone the release of his book. However, Nixon could publish the hard copy in full earlier this year. The agent recounts every detail of the fateful night with the schoolgirl in his book that changed his life forever.

“Most people can look back in life and recall an incident they regret or an individual they wish they’d never met.” Nixon regrets his meeting the teenage girl who was smart enough to fool him into a link up. Once a high-profile man in sports, he lost his money, business and family and became a recluse who was on the verge of committing suicide.

Following his downward spiral, he was treated at the rehab where he garnered the strength to take down the girl by revealing his side of story to the public. It all started six years ago when the unnamed girl started a relationship with football star Sam Gilbert. However, he later dumped her when he discovered she was a teenager.

Nixon suspects that the girl probably wanted to take revenge, so she cleverly got involved with him when he was trying to seek proof regarding the girl’s claims to pregnancy with Gilbert. Ricky, however, found out later that the girl was lying and the pregnancy reports as provided by her were that of another woman, notes

She even tried to blackmail him by saying that she had nude photos of several St Kilda players, namely, Nick Riewoldt, Zac Dawson and Nick Dal Santo, which she would leak online. In the course of time, Nixon and the girl exchanged several messages, which the agent claims were purely professional and devoid of any sexual connotation.

However, the former Australian rules footballer’s life started to crumble when the girl leaked a video of Nixon on a bed in her hotel room. Ruling out allegations against him that he had sex with the schoolgirl at the Causeway 353 hotel in Melbourne, the rules footballer wrote in his book that although he is visible in the video, there is no proof that he was having sex with the girl.

Nixon wrote in the book that he went to the hotel because he was worried about the schoolgirl. The girl, however, tricked him into unconsciousness with a concocted drink laced with GBH, said Nixon, in reports by Herald Sun.  Also read this interesting news related to the entertainment world about how Hugh Jackman has been listed the top Aussie man in a survey.