ISIS terrorists have multiple wives and sex slaves and now they are being used as a money-making machine, reveal some documents on Friday.

A sample payslip of an Islamic State worker has revealed the monthly income of 50$ being paid to jihadists, where the bonuses of fighters depend on the number of wives and kids they can use as sex slaves.

Al-Jiburi, an ISIS worker, received the monthly salary of $50 and in addition gets $50 more for each of his two wives. Moreover, he also receives $35 bonuses on each of his six children, reports Fox News.

Earlier this year, the terrorist organisation has slashed the monthly wages of fighters to half. The slash was due to the 22% loss of its revenue since its rise of power in 2014. These unprecedented circumstances have reduced the tax base of the terrorist group due to the decrease in population from nine million to six million.

“The documentary evidence confirms the current coalition approach has brought about significant losses for the Islamic State and put it under pressure on multiple fronts,” Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi, a British scholar who obtained the papers, wrote in the CTC Journal.

The pay slip and collection of documents were collected from the towns of Syria and Iraq which were set free from ISIS’ control six months before, according to IBTimes.

Some reports also revealed that jihadis’ commanders have officially instructed the killing of injured fighters to sell their working organs in the black market to recover the fiscal loss.

The terror group has also banned the fighters from using vehicles for joyrides. “It has therefore been decided to direct all brothers not to use vehicles… except by permission,” reveals one of the documents.

Al-Tamimi said that US-led coalition has severely disturbed the finances of the terrorist group. However, he believes that despite the losses, the group would keep on rising.

“Some defectors are claiming that the Islamic State’s end is imminent, but I don’t see that. It’s just not the case,” he said.