Anunnaki is one of the mysterious characters from the history. It has been titillating human minds for ages. Adding to our curiosity, here is a recent buzz that claims to spot two giants through Google Earth nearby the Pyramids of Giza. Are these the real God-like beings Annunaki? Here is the full story.

A YouTube video captioned as “Unreal! Two GIANT Men spotted nearby Giza Pyramids!”, claims to have spotted two huge men walking towards each other across the street. The video was posted by a user named MrMBB333 promptly receive 16 million views and has 30,000 subscribers.

Express reports that highly speculating them as the descendants of the fabled Anunnaki gods, MrMBB333 said:

“Two men of gigantic stature, probably in the neighbourhood of 8 feet to 9 feet tall have surfaced in a community not far from the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt on Google Earth. These guys are HUGE.”

Some of his viewers agreed with him but many said it was just an optical illusion.

One viewer named Unkulmark expressed:

“Maybe the Annunaki have been here all along and never left. The theory that giants built the pyramids is very logical and another logical theory is that the pyramids were made of cement.”

Another called TheGuitarManrth said:

“Not the Anunnaki, these are the Raphaim, the progeny of the Nephilim, the fallen ones who mated with earth women to produce these abominations to God.”

Meanwhile, some viewers offer a logical explanation of the footage pointing out that the cars MrMBB compared them to, were much further back in the distance.

Dave Eiflander said:

” It’s an optical illusion, just a bad camera shot.”

Watch The Video Below:

To date, there have been many myths linked to this mysterious entity. Many scientific and non-scientific theories have made some interesting revelation about Anunnaki as aliens. Do you think the men appeared in the footage are real Anunnakis or just part of another hoax?