Republican front-runner Donald Trump is once again being targeted with allegations of rape and sexual assault of a woman in early 1990s, as he gears up for a series of primaries on March 1, also known as the Super Tuesday.

The Guardian reported that the woman had alleged in a 1997 federal lawsuit that Trump violated her “physical and mental integrity” by touching are intimate without consent, which left her emotionally devastated and distraught.” The incident, allegedly, happened when the woman’s then-boyfriend went into business with Trump.

The US$125 million (AU$172 million) lawsuit was dropped the following month in Manhattan. It coincided with a separate lawsuit involving Trump and the woman’s boyfriend, which related to a breach of contract in their beauty pageant business venture. Trump had contended at that time that the allegations brought against him by the woman were to put pressure on him to settle the other legal dispute. Reportedly, he did settle it later that year with a six-figure amount.

The Mail Online reported this week that, Trump’s counsel Michael Cohen said there is no verity in the allegations.

“The plaintiff in the matter … would acknowledge the same,” Cohen was quoted as saying.

The Law Newz reported on Tuesday that it spoke to the woman in question in a brief interview last week. Reportedly, she refused to discuss the settlement or either of the lawsuits. When asked about the allegations, she said that she was “under duress” and “pressured” to file the case but declined to name the person who put the pressure on her.

“The allegations were twisted and embellished,” she said. “Everything could be looked at in different way.”

She even told the Law Newz that she has put the lawsuit behind her and would even vote for Trump in the upcoming election.

“I saw him [Donald] recently, and he said I looked good,” she added. “I have nothing but good things to say about Donald.”