The use of the mysterious dummy finger in Resident Evil 7 has players baffled.

Various theories posited about the dummy finger have wreaked havoc on social media sites, The Christian Times wrote. The Capcom game isn’t due until January 2017. However, the trailer and demo it released will likely keep everyone talking until then.

To date, no one has cracked the mystery behind the dummy finger, Twin Finite wrote. The publication cited one theory by Maximilian Dood that hinted at its purpose. Hence, it’s not simply a decoy, the YouTube personality and fighting game community member suggested. Maximilian passed on information from a Capcom rep who revealed details about the demo.

Twin Finite’s writer Zhiqing Wan listed other theories about the dummy finger. Wan referred to one theory that suggested it would “point in any direction” when picked up but noted a “specific set of circumstances” might be required for this theory to work.

The next players’ theory listed suggested the dummy finger could be a way to relate with the dolls. The suggestion stems from its similar appearance to the toys’ limbs. Reddit users also took note of the bottom end of the dummy finger. It seems to hold what looks like a key. Wan revealed attempts by some to use the microwave or fridge to remove the item. Some have even considered burning the dummy finger, as it appeared flammable. Thus it could likely help release the supposed key that it holds. No one has been successful to date. Yet, the dummy finger could also be intended for the piano in Resident Evil 7.

Gamerant is hopeful that the dummy finger has a purpose in the full game of Resident Evil 7. Although the likelihood that it was placed in the demo to “mess with players” is a possibility. If so, Capcom should be prepared to face the ire of players who are devoting so much time and effort in figuring out its use, the publication remarked. The “infamous dummy finger” is inside the drawer of a cabinet in the first hallway. Share your theory about its likely use in the comment section.