China is going to impose new restrictions on media reports. On Monday, China announced the restrictions after a French journalist had written a report questioning the authenticity of China’s claim of terrorist threat.

The journalist, Ursula Gauthier, is a Beijing based journalist for the French news magazine L’Obs.  The Chinese authority has ordered her to leave the country before the end of this year for questioning China’s claim about the terrorist threat it was supposedly facing.

According to The Huffington Post’s  report, the official Xinhua News Agency stated that the restrictions are authorized under an anti-terrorism law. However, the details of the law are not revealed by the authorities.

Xinuah stated that various restrictions would be imposed to prevent copy-cat crimes, protect the front line anti-terror workers and the society. The news agency also revealed that the laws are for the common good.  It also asked the foreign media outlets as well as the domestic media to comply with the latest regulations.

The new law states that media should aid in the propaganda struggle against terrorism. It also contains some general restrictions on what can be reported, confirmed The Economic Times.

Beijing had claimed that China is a victim of global terrorism. Ethnic clashes involving Uighur, a Muslim minority community, made the Chinese authorities claimed terrorist threat. However, foreign experts contradicted the claim, reported News JS. They opined that there is no proof of foreign involvement in the violence in Xinjiang. They also said that the incident is a reaction to oppressive government policies.

The Chinese authority, meanwhile, declared that it is not going to renew press credentials for Ursula Gauthier.  Lu Kang, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that the French journalist has to leave the country by the end of the year as she failed to apologize for her story covered on November 18.