“Reign” returns on April 25 for its midseason premiere with episode 11 entitled “Succession.” The CW television series aired its winter finale last January 22.

The synopsis for “Succession” revealed a promising episode for its fans. Warning, this post will reveal spoilers about it. Hence, viewers beware.

1. The coronation of Charles as the official King of France takes place, Design & Trend reported. In relation to this, the publication also shared a sneak peek of the exchange between Mary and Charles. It revealed that Mary gave the future king advise and handed him a cloth from Francis.


Charles inherited the throne after the death of Francis, Mary’s husband.

2. The end of episode 10 named “Bruises That Lie” placed Catherine de Medici as the regent of France. However, her position may have put her life in danger. Design & Trend revealed that the castle’s serial killer plans to make her the next victim.

3. Elizabeth revealed Mary’s plans to return to Scotland. However, her arrival there would bring her face to face with her husband’s killer. Entertainment Weekly revealed early on that Arrow’s John Barrowman would appear as Munro. The publication described his character as “a dangerous and charismatic Scottish clan leader who harbors a sinister grudge against the Queen of Scots.”
4. Meanwhile, episode 11 also reveals the identity of Elizabeth’s prisoner. Lola stumbles upon her secret, the Vine Report revealed.
5. Actor Torrance Coombs announced that things would get a bit crazy leading up to “Reign” season 4. Coombs is reportedly leaving the series. However, Crossmap noted that his tweet could indicate the possibility of his return.

The CW network announced the renewal of “Reign” for Season 4 last March. Prior to the announcement, there were doubts that it would be renewed due to its low ratings. However, the Inquisitr attributed this to its terrible time slot.

Watch a promotional clip for “Reign” Season 3 episode 11.