American historical fantasy romance television series “Reign” finale is scheduled to air on June 20. The last episode titled as “Spiders in a Jar” promises a confrontation between Queen Mary ( Adelaide Kane)  and Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten). The focus will be on Mary’s bold move to defend her crown in Scotland.

Fans would really love to witness Mary’s victory against her cousin in the “Reign” season 3 ender. The episode will also feature Lola (Anna Popplewell) who was accused of a terrible crime in England and is suffering the consequences of it.

The synopsis of episode 18 (finale) also revealed  that Catherine de Merci (Megan Follows) of France will discover that Charles (Spencer MacPherson) has returned as a changed man after paying a price for his mother’s hunger for power, notes Master Herald.

In the last two episodes of “Reign,” Queen Mary was seen trying to get back to her native land. However, her homecoming is tinged with a lot of challenges as her ship sank and she was almost killed by a rival clan. As a result, the Scot monarchy was on the verge of dissolving.

Mary managed to overcome all the hindrances and return to Scotland in the nick of time. Queen Elizabeth sent the English troops to conquer the country. While the latter crowned head eventually learned later that Mary is not dead, she would not withdraw her troops. It looks like it’s the payback time where Mary will teach her cousin a lesson for all her wrong deeds. The Queen of Scots starts defending her throne that would initiate a war between the two legendary queens and the two countries, Ecumenical News reports.

Critics believe that the stakes have never been higher for Mary and she never looked more fired up as she appears in the trailer for the 18th and Season 3 finale episode of “Reign.”

The preview featured Mary looking out at a scenic valley in Scotland and telling her militia that she has come back home to lead her country to greatness. In the clip, there is a man who seems to be doubtful about Mary’s capability to lead her people. Queen Mary asks him to help her unite her people and also told him that if he does not follow her commands, only God, and the Queen shall have mercy on his soul.  It looks like Mary will regain her position hook or crook. She will defend her crown by any blood means by the end of “Reign” season 3.

Stay tuned to “Reign” season 3 finale episode at 8/7c on CW on June 20.