Reg Keys has been tormented by the thought of his son Tom Keys harrowing final moments. The Red Caps sans right equipment and only 50 rounds of ammunition each, were surrounded by 400 Iraqi insurgents. Even so, Tom and his five fellow Royal Military Police officers fought valiantly to their last breath.  Tom’s father Reg now wants Tony Blair to apologize as he accuses Blair of sending his son to death.

On Sunday Mail Online published an article written by Reg Keys. Keys describes his agony and accuses the Blair-led government of the plight of his son. He wants Tony Blair to feel the pain he underwent 13 years ago when he lost his son Lance Corporal Tom Keys on June 24, 2013. With that in mind, he allowed his fight for justice since his son’s death to be depicted in a 90-minute film written by Jimmy McGovern.

In his article, Keys talks about the film as well as his fight for Justice. He said that the film “Reg” shows what happen after Tom was killed in the war.

He continued, “Tom was one of six Royal Military Policemen – Red Caps – shot dead by a 400-strong rampaging mob of Iraqi insurgents who were besieging a police station in the hostile town of Majar al-Kabir.”

Mirror stated that the program called Reg was aired on Monday night on BBC1. The massacre in a police station storeroom of the Iraqi Town of Majar al-Kabir is considered as the single largest loss of life inflicted on British troops. However, the slaughter is also regarded as one of the most controversial cover-ups by the British Army.

Reg Keys noted, “it would become notorious for reasons other than that. I learned that three weeks before Tom’s death, the Army had ordered a scale-down in their weapons and ammunition – leaving the lads with only 50 rounds each. Their morphine was taken away. There had always been a shortage of satellite phones and they were being sent on patrols without them, in clear breach of standing orders.”

At first, Reg Keys thought that they had to accept it, as military life is always full of such risks. But when he spoke to soldiers who returned from Iraq, his observation changed completely. He heard terrifying stories about troops in life-threatening situations. Soldiers who didn’t even have proper arms and ammunitions to protect themselves. Inquest documents also supported the stories. Keys’ grief has now turned into anger and he decided to fight for justice.

The angered father protested against Tony Blair when the latter refused to put Iraq on the agenda at the Labor Party conference in 2004.  Reg Keys was supported by a group of politicians and celebrities and they ask him to stand against Blair in the 2005 general elections as an anti-war independent candidate. Although he lost the election, Keys is still fighting for justice.