Alien Day is almost upon us again and Reebok will be releasing an exclusive “Alien” Stomper shoes to help you celebrate the day.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Reebok “Alien” Stompers will be available next month. These shoes will be exact replicas of the Stompers seen in the 1986 movie “Aliens.” Those shoes were worn by Ellen Ripley. The global athletic company will sell “Alien” Stompers starting on April 26. The date is known as Alien Day. It is a nod to the moon LV-426 featured in the movie. According to the Hollywood Reporter, these sneakers hold “a unique place in movie history.” The entertainment news site also called them one of “cinema’s most famous footwear.”

Aside from Ripley’s Stompers, other shoes worn in the movie will also be released. These include the mid-top version worn by the android, Bishop. According to Sneaker News, these Stompers were designed specifically for the horror classic. They were meant to represent a “futuristic example of what sneakers could be.” This is similar to the Nike Air Mag from the “Back to the Future” series. These Stompers will be sold at and select Reebok stores. The store has yet to confirm their selling price.

Reebok previously sold a version of these Stompers a year after “Aliens” hit theatres. But they only went on sale for a limited time. According to Hollywood Reporter, the sneakers have sort of been revived in recent years, but not by Reebok. Some shops have been selling custom versions. And cosplayers have made their own.

Meanwhile, in celebration of Alien Day, a couple of Alamo theatre locations will screen “Alien” and “Aliens.” Amazon’s Audible is also set to launch a new audio drama, “Alien: Out of the Shadows.” The radio play will star “Blade Runner” actor Rutger Hauer.

Check out photos of Reebok “Alien” Stompers below.