Redfoo, who counted Australia as his most successful territory, has sold only 144 copies of his latest album “Party Rock Mansion” in the country. This is in complete contrast to his past successes within the country that made his “Let’s Get Ridiculous” on No. 1 position three years ago.

Sales include 112 digital copies and 32 CDs states The album has debuted on ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) charts at no 172. Daily Mail reveals that Redfoo’s “Party Rock Mansion” contains a ballad dedicated to a special lady.

He told Kyle and Jackie O about his heartbreak. “I was in a relationship with a lady, she broke my heart,” he said. “She’s Australian … From Sydney or from that area. She was in college and a tennis player, we started playing tennis and she moved into my house and after three months she moved out.”

Australia has been good to the afro-sporting singer, whose earlier “Let’s Get Ridiculous” was a chart topper. Howl and Echoes adds that this was followed by “New Thang,” which reached a No 3 position in Australia in 2014. His song “Party Rock Anthem” from 2011’s “LMFAO” took the top spot in the country for some time.

Even his controversial “Juicy Wiggle” landed a decent no 35 position reveals However, the site Howl and Echoes is very critical of Redfoo and explains that the abysmal sales are not surprising given that the American singer “produces music that is “auditory equivalent of sonic diarrhoea.”

To add salt to the star’s bruised ego is a fact that the album has crashed in Belgium too. However, it is figured on the 158th position, a few notches above the ARIA charts. The only hope he has now is for his album to get success in the US where it will be registered next week.