A Queensland woman was startled by a “nasty surprise” when she discovered a redback spider in broccoli. She had bought the broccoli from her local supermarket.

The woman picked up the spider that wasn’t on her shopping list during a recent trip to Woolworths, and she is not happy about it.

Runaway Bay’s Dee Nott posted a photo of the broccoli. According to her, the broccoli was purchased from Woolworths.

Little red back spider in broccoli. I let him go.

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The spider was sitting right on the head of it, says Brisbane Times.

While she posted the photos of the poisonous spider on the Woolworths Facebook page, she insisted to the supermarket to contact her.

“Hi team Woolworths. I just had a nasty surprise – a live redback spider in my broccoli purchased today at your Runaway Bay store,” Nott said.

She added that she was lucky the spider did not bite her as she was washing it. She has planned to take in the creature (now frozen) and her receipt tomorrow.

She believed that she should mention it in case there is an infestation.

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Woolworths responded to the concerned customer. It asked her to contact the establishment.

“We’re very concerned about this, Dee, and take incidents like this very seriously,” a Woolworths spokesperson wrote. “Please let us know your phone number, and state, in a Private Message at (their message page) so that we can follow this up with you ASAP. Thanks.”

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The head of Woolworths corporate affairs had since contacted her, Nott said. She was told that they were conducting an investigation, says Yahoo News.

It is understandable that there will be bugs in vegetables. However, the presence of a venomous spider is a “bit much,” she says.

Press contacted a Woolworths spokesperson for comment who said they were looking into the incident.

According to the Poison Information Centre, a redback spider bite is not life-threatening. However, they do cause pain and redness, and sometimes headaches and chest pains, says Sky News.