Nation-wide state police officers were warned about the rallies that will be initiated by supporters of “Reclaim Australia”, a ‘grasroot movement’ against the Islamic religion. Six individuals from Victoria were arrested for weapon offenses and for righteous behavior. Mike Holt, event organizer for ‘Reclaim Australia’ said he planned the event because he wanted to represent Australia especially after the Paris attacks in France.

  • Victoria:

Five hundred individuals arrived for the rally in Melbourne with two of them against the situation at hand. Brad and Warren were two members from the Melton group who claim they only wanted peace within the nation.

“We’re here for the right reasons. Some people might be here for the wrong reasons, and the right reason is making sure everyone assimilates and becomes Australian” Brad said.

  • Sydney

With the protest happening around the Refugee Action Coalition in Martin Place, police pushed the rally knocking batons to move protesters along. With only 100 individuals showing up in Sydney’s rally from a population of 4.2 million, it shows just how accepting Sydney is racially.

The pro-diversity rally participants were there to knock off the ‘Reclaim Australia’ group but started to clash with police instead. Craig Batty, a protester in the Martin Place rally screamed “See you next time in Cronulla” stating police officers are partially to blame for the violence which has been caused. “House our homeless not our refugee’s” one sign had stated in the rally.

  • Brisbane

With over 600 people turning up for the Reclaim Australia rally in Queensland, police officers were asked to patrol the area and make sure no violence erupts. Twenty-five police officers rowed up to fight against the chanting, rallying men and women. Things such as “Nazi scum off our streets” and “Muslims are welcome, racists are not” were shouted at the police officers.

The right-wing group ‘Reclaim Australia’ was blaring popular Australian rock band music, ‘Khe Sanh’  against the blaring Cold Chisel hit ‘You’re the Voice’.

  • Canberra

The rally ended peacefully in Canberra as there were no recorded arrests or violence. Large metal barricades separated the opposing groups from each other. Loud chants of ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie’ and ‘everyone is welcome, except sharia law’ were repeated by several speakers.

  • Perth

Miranda Wood, was one of many individuals who were showing support for the Muslim population in Australia.

“I think it’s a matter of being on the right side of history and we can see that we have all kinds of people who have turned out today to say welcome to Muslims, that they won’t stand for racism,” she said.