REBEL Wilson has already sued a glam magazine publisher over a series of articles, which according to Wilson humiliating and embarrassing for her. She is suing Bauer Media.

The comedian and actress has acted in blockbusters movies including “Bridesmaids” and “Pitch Perfect.” She said that print and online articles in Woman’s Day, The Australian Women’s Weekly, NW and OK Magazine portrayed her to be a serial liar.

She has filed a writ in the Victorian Supreme Court. According to that writ, she says that her character, status and credit has suffered, and she has been defamed.

In the writ, Wilson also claims that a Woman’s Day article gave her an image of a “serial liar” who has created fantastic stories in order to make it in Hollywood.

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The was published in May last year. It was titled “Just who is the REAL Rebel?” and she said that it was defamatory, says The Sydney Morning Herald.

According to the article, the actress had lied about her age, her real name and her upbringing. It also claimed that she had lived in Zimbabwe for a year.

Another article in Women’s Weekly again questioned the actress’ age. The article also stated that Rebel Wilson lied when she told US TV host David Letterman that she grew up in a disadvantaged part of NSW.

According to this article, she grew up in the Sydney suburb of Cherrybrook.

Wilson also said that the articles were published during the release of Pitch Perfect 2. They were timed to coincide with the release to draw maximum attention nationally and overseas, says Rebel Wilson.

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The writ was made available on Monday. The writ also claimed that she was not contacted by the publisher before publication of the articles, says News Corp.

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She is also suing Bauer Media for special damages. These damages include missing out on roles and termination of other roles she was supposed to play.