Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is reportedly in talks to star in a Real Madrid movie alongside some of the biggest football stars. Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham could appear in the planned film, which is slated to be released in December 2017.

The Real Madrid movie is being pegged as a reboot of the Goal movie franchise. The Goal trilogy told the story of young Santi Munez. He is a young Mexican footballer who found himself playing in massive teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid through some very fortuitous circumstances and a lot of skill and hard work. The story documented his journey as a young, obscure footballer who made his way up the ranks to the pinnacle of the sport.

For the 2017 reboot, Justin Bieber is being cast as a young footballer from Los Angeles. The Mirror reports that Bieber’s character will come from Los Angeles before getting the opportunity to play for reigning European champions Real Madrid.

The film has an impressive £100 million budget and is backed by big-time Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. With such a massive budget, Jusin Bieber won’t be the only big name in the cast. International football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is also slated to appear. Even former Real Madrid and Los Angeles Galaxy player David Beckham is reportedly considering playing himself.

Beckham previously appeared in the Goal trilogy, where several scenes were shot during actual games. This time around, Real Madrid’s iconic Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is reportedly being made available for part of the filming.

Justin Bieber is known as an international pop star but many of his fans know that he is a big football fan. He is also no stranger to actual play, and has often posted photos and videos of himself in action. While he has not officially signed on for the project, Bieber is reportedly keen on shooting his own football scenes once the film begins production next year.