The energetic barrister on “Real Housewives Of Melbourne,” Gina Liano still remains positive about lending her legal expertise as Judge Gina in a courtroom reality show in the small screen.

Liano and the rest of the “Real Housewives Of Melbourne” cast are all out of contract following the end of season 3 of the Foxtel hit.

In all probability, Liano and most of the Housewives will be signed for a fourth season. Foxtel has yet to confirm the show’s future.

Real Housewives Of Melbourne Gina Liano to Judge Courtroom Reality Show, Will Real Housewives Of Melbourne return with Season 4 ?, Liano has shot a pilot episode for a Judge Judy style television show in

Meanwhile, Liano is quite hopeful for Judge Gina in a reality courtroom show. The 48-year-old has shot a pilot episode for a Judge Judy-style television show in December 2014. Reports inform that feedback is positive.

“Both Nine and Channel Seven are looking at it and possibly Ten, according to my agent,” Liano expressed to AAP (Australian Associated Press). She added, “Foxtel didn’t commission it but that was because of budget more than anything.”

McGuire Media, the team behind the pilot, has added John Terenzio to help with the pilot. John is the former executive producer of Judge Joe Brown.

On that note, Liano said, “We flew the producer in from Judge Joe Brown, and who had worked on Judge Judy, so we had the Real McCoy working on it and I’m still in communication with him and he’s very keen to do it.”

News notifies that while Judy Sheindlin and Joe Brown are ex- judges, Liano is not.

Nonetheless, Australian actor’s decision on the proposed reality show would still be binding, she explained.

“A lot of them in the States (on judge reality shows) are magistrates or judges, I’m not appointed to the bench but my role would be to judge the participants, as an arbitrator,” she said. “I would be making a ruling on their dispute and it would effectively be binding through arbitration.”

On the other hand, only the shooting schedule for season 4 of the ‘Real Housewives Of Melbourne’ will decide Liano’s availability to make Judge Gina on the reality courtroom show.

Liano wants to be a part of the next season as well, although her partner will never appear onscreen. “My partner doesn’t want to be part of the show so that would be a special condition of me returning,” she said.