A video uploaded online shows a dragon that fell from the sky in Tibet. The video was uploaded in August 2016 and has been viewed more than 4 million times.

As reported by Snopes, the video shows a real dragon found on a beach after it fell from the sky. The dragon can be seen with distinct features and realistic characteristics.

Since its upload, the footage has been shared more than 145,000 times and has been viewed more than 4 million times. More than 14,000 commenters have also expressed their opinions and argued about the veracity of the dragon.

However, Snopes state that the dragon was indeed a hoax. The site reports that despite its true-to-life characteristics, the dragon was merely a sculpture created for a Spanish television show called Cuatro Milenio.

Cuatro Milenio is a show that explores several conspiracy theories, cryptozoology subjects and mythical creatures such as dragons. The dragon sculpture was painstakingly created for the show. Another video was uploaded on YouTube to give viewers a glimpse of the process it took to create the dragon.

The Spanish show still asserts that real dragons exist but the episode does not prove anything.

There has been no evidence of dragons found. LiveScience reports that no one knows where myths of dragons originated from.

Nevertheless, ancient civilizations have depicted them, believing that they were like any exotic animal. Apparently, dragons were thought to be useful and protective but when Christianity spread, people started to see them in a new light.

People started viewing dragons as representatives of Satan. Saints were also depicted as fighting Satan in the form of dragons.

Over time, people distanced themselves from this belief but their fascination of dragons remains the same. The mythological creatures became popular characters in epic novels. Many times, they are no longer depicted as symbols for evil as they once were, but can be seen helping heroes instead.