A book was finally returned 67 years after its due date to the Auckland Public library in New Zealand. Thus, better late than never. 

This story is one of a kind and others too have spoken of their stories after the library urged readers to share their stories.  “Have you got a library confession you want to get off your chest? We are all ears,” the library wrote on Facebook.

“Ummmmm. Well, just wondering if there might be an amnesty for a book that was borrowed from the Howick Public Library in 1969?” writes one of the readers. “There was a story like that in 1989 in Germany, in Berlin, just after the wall came down. The book had been borrowed from a library in the West in 1961, and the person who had borrowed it was on the East so could not return it when the wall was put up unexpectedly,” writes another.

On Wednesday, the book titled as “Myths and Legends of Maoriland” by author A.W Reed was finally placed back to where it belonged, as reported by Mashable. The Auckland Public Library had uploaded a picture of the book that was supposed to be returned to the Epsom Library on December 17, 1948.

Surprisingly, the condition of the book was better than what one could think of.  People working at the library shared that the woman who was issued the book was a kid back then. And when she had leave Auckland, the girl accidentally took it with her. Now that she is on paying a visit to the town, she decided to return it.

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Looking at the stable condition of the book, the library decided to waive the late fees. “It’s a fair few years overdue but in excellent well-read condition,” the library wrote on their Facebook page.

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The book was 24,604 days overdue, which is about $196.29 but Yahoo says, if gone by lines of the inflation, the actual fine would have been about $6640.95. Thank God she’s saved from this situation.