It’s an old saying that dogs are better than humans, and their love who treat them well is unmatchable. Read the story of this wonderful pet named Susie.

Brandon Stanton, the creator of the famous Facebook page – the Humans of New York, shared the heartbreaking yet powerful story of his pet beloved dog, who passed away on Friday.

Paying a tribute to Susie, Stanton mentions how influential she had been in his life and others.  The post is being shared endlessly and love has been pouring in for Susie from all over the world. Thousands have left heart-warming messages for her and some have even shared stories of their pet.

Dogs are man’s best and most loyal friend, I lost my dog 20 days ago. There will always be a hole in my heart and I will always miss him,” writes one.” As I said on Susie’s page, I lost my foster failed, 15-year-old boy last month. Today is the one year anniversary of when I pulled him from the shelter. I continue to foster senior dogs,” writes another and the list goes on.

At the age of 16, Susie left but the impact which she had on hundreds will live forever. She has been behind inspiring hundreds to adopt senior dogs. In the Facebook post, Stanton writes beautifully about his first encounter with Susie and how he managed to take her with himself defying the problems those existed in his life at that point of time.

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“I was photographing in Brooklyn one evening when I saw the coolest little dog sitting on a stoop,” Stanton wrote. “I sat down to pet her, and after a few minutes, her owner told me that he was unable to care for her anymore. He asked if I could take her,” writes Stanton.

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He recollects events that unfolded after he brought Susie along with him and calls it be the best decision in his life. His fiancée Erin O’Sullivan,  founder of senior dog advocacy nonprofit Susie’s Senior Dogs, also had a different connection with Susie. “Thank you to everyone who has regularly followed Susie’s senior journey and cared so much about her,” O’Sullivan wrote in a post of her own.

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