“Read Quran or die,” that was the message. ISIS terrorists used the process to quickly identify non-Muslims in the Bangladesh restaurant, where 20 people were slashed to death.

The victims included one American and nine Italians. The attackers clearly had a purpose. They wanted to kill non-Muslims in a country where most of the people are Muslims. They managed to kill one Indian, two Bangladeshi and seven Japanese citizens.

The process was simple. Hostages were asked to recite the Islamic holy book. Those who could do it were spared. And those who could not were killed. It was a clear attack on non-Muslims in an attack claimed by ISIS.

Bangladeshi troops eventually ended the massacre by killing the attackers. However, they lost two officers in the process. While six of the seven attackers died during the clash, one of them was captured alive.

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“We just don’t expect this to happen in the world, let alone in this country,” the AFR quoted a police officer as saying. “Even though we killed all the terrorists, we couldn’t save their lives. We couldn’t protect the guests of our country.”

This is not the first extremist attack in Bangladesh. The country has seen a steep rise in such attacks especially since 2015. Six people, who advocated secularism, were slashed to death in early 2015.

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The attack has been widely criticized all over the world. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has said the people of his country are “united in tears” as nine of their countrymen were killed in the attack. According to The Telegraph, Pope Francis called it an incident of “senseless” violence.

According to the father of one of the survivors, the hostages were divided into two groups. “The foreigners were taken to the upper floor and the Bangladeshis were kept around a table,” he said. “There must be about 20-25 staff and about 20-25 guests and then they switched off the lights and CCTV.”

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Some may be worried about the security for foreign citizens in Bangladesh. At the same time, ISIS remains an issue of serious concern all over the world now.