RC Buford was named NBA Basketball Executive of Year for 2015-16 while Trail Blazers’ Olshey placed a second.

Done through list voting, first-place votes give a nominee 5 points, three points for every second-place vote and one point for every third place votes.

NBA Executive of the Year Buford won with 77 points with 9 first-place votes while Neil Olshey placed second with 63 points, 50 of which were garnered from his 10 first-place votes, NBA reports. Unfortunately, even with the most number of first-place votes, Olshey still didn’t get the award due to the points system in place.

RC Buford has won the Executive award for the 2013-14 NBA season and has been credited for producing the best record in the San Antonio Spurs franchise  history while bringing in significant changes to the roster.

Meanwhile, second-placer Neil Olshey of Portland Trail Blazers has been an early favorite to win due to his massive impact on Trail Blazers’s gameplay by building the team again and bringing in ten new players to fill in for the missing pieces.

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After Trail Blazers’ former star player Aldridge signs up with San Antonio Spurs and unfavorable predictions kept popping up for the team, Neil Olshey took to the task of bringing in new talents and reorganizing the players’ positions to breathe new life into the Trail Blazer’s gameplay.

Blazers coach Terry Stotts had a hard time believing the results of the Executive Award of the Year saying to OregonLive, “I thought he should’ve been Executive of the Year. I thought everything he’s done, obviously before this, but this year was an incredible job. He thought outside the box. He had a plan. He delivered on the plan.”

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Meanwhile, point guard Damian Lillard commended their general manager for the doing a great job, bringing in new talents and fighting the tide of negative predictions that floated around after a disappointing previous season.

Under Olshey’s new team, they bagged 44 wins in the regular season and even managed to secure a spot in the second round of the playoffs.