A teenager from South Carolina was shocked when a rare form of cancer was discovered after his sports injury in March.

Westley Peterson, 17, of Fort Mill, was hit in the abdomen while he was practicing for his soccer game.

“We were warming up and kicking the ball back and forth and I just kicked it to my friend and he kicked it back, and it hit me in the stomach,” Westley said in a report by Fox46.

Two days after the practice session, he found blood in his urine. Palpitated by his son’s condition, his parents took him to the E.R. and had a CT scan, which revealed he had a rare form of cancer called Wilms Tumor.

“I wasn’t expecting that. I went in because they thought it was kidney stones and came out knowing it was cancer, so that was definitely a very shocking moment,” Westley said. “They said it’s a mass in my kidney and so they had to remove my kidney. They were 99 percent sure it was cancer.”

According to Fox News, this form of cancer commonly affects the kidneys of children younger than Westley. It mostly diagnoses one kidney, which frequently grows throughout the body with time.

Four days after the diagnosis, doctors had to remove his right kidney and the tumor.

“Once they had it out they found out it had gone to one of the lymph nodes. Then the whole protocol of chemotherapy and radiation came into place,” said Wesley’s mom, Janet Peterson.

Westley had radiation treatment until April 18. He will go through 21 weeks of chemotherapy.

“I think everything happens for a reason, and I think getting hit with the soccer ball led us down the path to find the tumor before it spread,” said Mrs. Peterson.

Mrs. Peterson said that his tutor has been submitted to the Children’s Oncology Group, which will examine it thoroughly.

Westley said that he will continue the sports one he completely recovers from the treatment.