It’s do or die for the Toronto Raptors today as they face the Cleveland Cavaliers at home for Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Cavaliers led the playoffs 3-2.

Toronto suffered a lopsided loss to the Cavaliers in Game 5 Wednesday evening, with the final score of 116-78 or a humiliating 38 points.

The Raptors will do its best to stave off elimination. You can watch it live online at

According to CBC Sports, there are some critical factors that would help the Raptors defeat the Cavaliers in Game 6.

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DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry need to play great

Toronto needs an outstanding play from guards DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry.  The two, who have a combined 58.9 shooting average, need to play at star level to provide better opportunities for the rest of the team.

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Jonas Valanciunas

Lithuanian star Jonas Valanciunas, who is returning from an ankle injury, also needs to up his game. He averaged 56.5 percent from the field. However, the decision to start with him depends on Dwayne Casey.

Bismack Biyombo’s presence in the lane

Six-foot-nine centre, Bismack Biyombo’s presence in the lane and shot-blocking ability have forced the Cavaliers away from attack mode toward becoming more of a jump-shooting team. He blocked a combined seven shots in Game 3 and 4.

Lowry said that Biyombo gives the team confidence and rim protection.

Limit turnovers

The Raptors has to limit their turnovers. Naccion pointed out that the team is averaging 9.5 turnovers per game.

But it’s different in the Raptors’ three losses on the road. Toronto has turned over the ball with an average of 15 times. These resulted to almost 20 points per game off the turnovers.

Be aggressive and attack the paint

Toronto needs to be aggressive and attack the paint because the Cavaliers don’t really have a true rim protector.

However, Cleveland has outscored the Raptors in the paint by a combined 56 points in three games.

If the Raptors wants to win, these factors make up the key to their victory in Game 6.