On Friday during a TV talk show, Pakistani Senator Hafiz Hamdullah used abusive language against Marvi Sirmed, who was an analyst of the program and also human rights activist. The rape threat on live TV has been highly criticized by the world community.

Hafiz Hamidullah, a member of the religious political party Jamiat-i-Ulema-i-Islam Fazl (JUI-F), has used abusive language for his political opponents previously.  But, this time he crossed all his limits after the rape threat on live TV to a female journalist.

Simred appeared as a guest alongside Hamdullah and barrister Masroor Sahib, on a current affairs talk show. As per news.com.au, the panel was discussing and debating on honour killing which has become  very prevalent in the country. Barrister Masroor, during the discussion criticized Council of Islamic ideology, for being silent in the issue of honor killing.  Masroor’s comment did not go very well with  Hamdullah and it triggered an irritated response from him. Simred supported Masroor but Hamdullah interrupted and did not let her finish the statement. This prompted an argument and it went further.


An angered Hamdullah commented, “I will strip off your dress and will do the same to your mother too”.

The Senator not only verbally abused Simred he was about to hit her physically out of rage.

Shortly after that Simred took to Facebook and shared her experience, as per Global Voices. This resulted into an uproar in the public.

Simred in her Facebook post wrote, “I’ve just undergone a very traumatic experience at a News One program (Nadia Mirza Show) when Hafiz Hamdullah of JUIF got angry on a comment by Barrister Masroor.”

She added, “he started abusing me with worst possible expletives. Called me a whore and said “tumhaari shalwaar utaar dooN ga aur tumhaari maaN ki bhi” (I will take off your trousers and your mothers).”

She continued, “I returned this to his own family women. And then he tried to beat me.”