Rake Season 4 could be the last for the classic series after it moved from the free-to-air platform to pay TV.

Perhaps only a handful of television shows would likely represent the Australian character, and Rake would be one of them. Despite the two-year interval in between series, Rake season 4 still drew in an audience. The killer cast includes Richard Roxburgh, who plays the lead character barrister Cleaver Greene. The Aussie actor took part in one of the anticipated films Down Under Hacksaw Ridge directed by Mel Gibson.

Joining Roxburgh are Kiwi nationals Roy Billing, Danielle Cormack, Robyn Malcolm and Sam Neill. Jurassic Park star Neill recently appeared in the Taika Waiti comedy film Hunt for the Wilderpeople. The show even inspired an American spin-off with Greg Kinnear in the lead role. However, the US adaptation failed to capture the interest of audiences. Thus, North American audiences watched the original Aussie series via Netflix instead, according to Stuff.co.nz. The same fate happened to Rake Season 4 in New Zealand.

TVNZ previously aired the series on free TV. However, the poor reception among viewers of the show’s first two series prompted the network to discontinue its telecast. Instead, Rialto picked up Rake Season 4 since the previous series did well. Rialto Film Channel general Roger Wyllie is happy for its return.

“Both free to air networks had turned it down so we licensed the first and second season before TVNZ decided to licence and play the first two series after our premiere on Rialto Channel …We thought, here is a complex but real series that Kiwis should have the opportunity to see,” Wyllie said. Critics laud Rake for its uniqueness and the great performances of its characters. The latest series premieres August 9 at 8:30 pm on Rialto. Rake Season 4 is still telecast on free-to-air TV in Australia on ABC and premiered last May 19.