The raindrop cake took the internet by storm. Originally created by New York’s chef Darren Wong, the cake has made its way to Australia. It is currently being served in a Brisbane restaurant called Harajuku Gyoza.

The restaurant took to their Facebook page to announce that they are serving this dessert, which was an internet sensation of sorts. Foodies expressed their eagerness to try the cake while many wondered if it will ever launch in Harajuku Gyoza’s Sydney restaurant.

According to SBS, the cake, which launched in the Brisbane restaurant over the weekend, had people wanting to try it. Andrew Jeffries, general manager of Harajuku Gyoza, explained that their chefs worked hard to make this the first restaurant to serve the dessert in Australia. He also added that internet videos and social media worked in their favour too.

“The recipe was a lot of trial and error as well, and we’re experimenting with some different flavour options, and we’re doing one now with strawberries and condensed milk and peanuts … there’s a lot we can do with them,” he said. “We only debuted them yesterday, so it’s the first 24 hours, and people are already excited to order them. A lot of people are starting to see the raindrop cakes on social media from overseas, I don’t think anyone else in Australia is doing it, so instantly people knew what they were looking forward to,” he added.

According to Elle, the raindrop cake not only looked like water but tasted like it too. It has a very delicate texture, melt-in-your-mouth consistency and mild flavours. Nine MSN informed that the cake has to be eaten within half an hour, after which it turns into a puddle of water-flavoured goop.

Chef Darren Wong created this delicate drop of joy with mineral water, sugar and agar. He served it with roasted soybean flour and sugar syrup. Harajuku Gyoza’s Australian take on the raindrop cake has it served with kinako, sesame powder and kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup).

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While Brisbane becomes the first Australian city to taste the dessert, we hope that others will soon follow.