The Gold-Coast city council fixed a spelling error on a sign board welcoming visitors to Queensland on Wednesday after a public outrage. The sign board mistakenly spelled “State Border” as “State Boarder.”

“The City produce (sic) thousands of signs each year, a mistake was made but it has now been fixed,” the Gold Coast Bulletin quoted a council spokeswoman as saying.

Though the statement did not bear an apology for the error, it is understood that the residents of the Gold Coast are pleased to have the sign board fixed.

The sign with the wrong spelling was installed in Kent St, Coolangatta, about a week ago. After the residents noticed the error, they demanded it fixed immediately. The Gold Coast city Council and the State Government were, however, busy blaming each other.

According to a spokesman for the Department of Main Roads, the department is not responsible for the signs on the Kent St as it was a council road. A spokeswoman for the council, meanwhile, said it was the responsibility of the State Government but confirmed that the issue is being investigated. The residents had to put up with the error until the authorities sought out who would take the responsibility.

I have a son with a disability and he said, ‘Mum, they spelt that wrong,’” the quoted Sandra Hurt, who lives near the sign, as saying. “I just think with today’s technology that there can be a flaw like that is amazing — there must have been a lot of people looking at it. If they are going to do signage, at least spell it right. I just want them to change the sign but it’s been up there for a week and no one has done anything.”

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