Extreme storms packing hail the size of golf balls have damaged crops and homes in southern Queensland.

The worst damage appears to be around Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane, and around Stanthorpe, near the NSW border.

Southern Downs mayor Peter Blundell said farmers around Stanthorpe are assessing the damage.

“There certainly will be crop damage,” he told AAP on Tuesday.

“I have heard reports of significant damage around Amiens, that’s to the north and west of Stanthorpe and its a very significant salad vegetable growing area.”

Mr. Blundell said cars had also been damaged by hail, along with what seemed to be relatively minor damage to roofs.

“With the cars, it’s everything from a few dents to write-offs.”

The Bureau of Meteorology said storms had also damaged property and downed trees around Toowoomba and in the Lockyer Valley.

“We had a report of a roof off near Toowoomba, and it looks like we had windows smashed at Toowoomba, trees into a caravan at Wellcamp and a few reports of large hail as well,” forecaster Janine Yuasa told AAP.

Dairy farmer Barry Heinemann said his property at Charlton, near Toowoomba, was a mess. With the power still out, he’s been forced to use a tractor to power a generator so he can milk his cows. “There’re roofs off buildings everywhere,” he told the ABC. “Demountable buildings … tipped over on their side, it’s just a hell of a mess – tree branches everywhere, trees blown clear out of the ground.” The storms brought 28,000 lightning strikes, but little rain, with the heaviest falls of 50mm recorded in the Lockyer Valley. Brisbane got a spectacular lightning show, but little rain.


The bureau said there was a chance of more storm activity in the southeast corner on Tuesday, stretching as far north as the Sunshine Coast and inland to Dalby and Stanthorpe.

Farmer Dwayne Lihou told the ABC his cauliflower crop, which was close to being harvested near Stanthorpe, is all but destroyed, and other crops have also been damaged.

“Lettuce, broccoli and cabbage, we will struggle to cut anything for the next few weeks but after that we should be right to start again.”