Kids from a small Queensland town have suffered from lead poisoning because of the deteriorating air quality. The residents in Mount Isa have been under the threat of air pollution for a long time. Mt Isa is known for its mining operations.

Several families have suffered from severe brain damage or blood poisoning while they resided there. The calls for the inquiry into the air quality of the town have been prominent and frequent in the region. The residents have been waiting for more than a decade for authorities to release a report into the lead contamination in the town.

A medical report reveals that two children suffered brain damage in 2010. This was the result of the children being exposed to mining emission in the Queensland town. According to further reports, Queensland Heath testing in 2008 discovered that 11 percent of children between one-year-old and four-year-old.

The report stated that the level of lead in their blood was quite high. Another report revealed in 2010 that a child in the Queensland town used to get lead poisoned every nine days. Despite so many medical reports and evidence, mining giant Xstrata denied such claims. The Mount Isa Mines owner said that mining caused no health hazards in the town.

One of the Few First Cases of Lead Contamination in Queensland Town Kids

Daphne Hare from Mount Isa also saw her daughter suffering from a lead-driven disease. Stella, her daughter, was one the first cases reported in the Queensland town.  “It was very intimidating, our life became public business, mine people would park out the front of the house taking photos of her playing in the yard,” she said as quoted by “They would point at me in the street and say ‘it is her causing the trouble’. I had to get out of there.”

Hare slammed the Mount Isa Mines and lodged a complaint against Xstrata, Mount Isa City Council, and the state government in 2011. She also claimed for $1 million compensation for her daughter. Similar was the case with Sharnelle Seeto. Her daughter Bethany Sanders suffered from lead contamination in the Queensland town. She was mere 20 months old when she was diagnosed with the medical problem.

City University of New York’s Neuroscience Professor Theodore Lidsky said that the tests showed Sanders was “mentally retarded.” She left the Mount Isa town and shifted to Brisbane. She was pregnant with another child and she did not want to expose her newborn to the polluted environment.

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